Art Club For Children aged 6-16

Join an Art Club

art-K, an art club for 6-16 years, starts a child on an exciting mission to explore colour and brush strokes, concluding with the child painting their first canvas. This pivotal moment is when a child realises that they can paint their own masterpiece! The club has hundreds of art projects which are age- related, from painting with water colours, acrylics, inks and pastels to 3D projects using clay, papier mache, story boxes. They’re all designed to help acquire art-skills and self expression. As a parent – you’ll soon need more wall-hanging space!

We also help develop children’s visual perceptual and memory skills through our fun unique drawing exercises. These are the precursors to reading and writing skills which are a vital part of a child’s development.

Become a Franchisee

Since 2000, our art club been inspiring children in art; developing their artistic skills and giving them a fun and creative environment where they can flourish. We are now offering this amazing opportunity to individuals who love art and want to run their own art club. art-K isn’t just a splish-splash club, you will have hundreds of art projects and videos to use that Kathryn has created.

With classes teeming with enthusiasm, a programme that provides a rewarding salary, flexible working hours, Summer and Christmas holiday breaks if you choose- why not come and take the first step to starting a truly rewarding career?