Art Club For Children aged 6-16

Join an Art Club

art-K, an art club for 6-16 years, starts a child on an exciting mission to explore colour and brush strokes, concluding with the child painting their first canvas. This pivotal moment is when a child realises that they can paint their own masterpiece! The club has hundreds of art projects which are age- related, from painting with water colours, acrylics, inks and pastels to 3D projects using clay, papier mache, story boxes. They’re all designed to help acquire art-skills and self expression. As a parent – you’ll soon need more wall-hanging space!

We also help develop children’s visual perceptual and memory skills through our fun unique drawing exercises. These are the precursors to reading and writing skills which are a vital part of a child’s development.

Become a Franchisee

Since 2000, our art club been inspiring children in art; developing their artistic skills and giving them a fun and creative environment where they can flourish. We are now offering this amazing opportunity to individuals who love art and want to run their own art club. art-K isn’t just a splish-splash club, you will have hundreds of art projects and videos to use that Kathryn has created.

With classes teeming with enthusiasm, a programme that provides a rewarding salary, flexible working hours, Summer and Christmas holiday breaks if you choose- why not come and take the first step to starting a truly rewarding career?

Artist Advocates

Bridget Wilkinson

When Kathryn got in touch to ask if the children could use my artwork for inspiration I was more than delighted.  With art often being squeezed out of the curriculum its even more important to find alternative ways of getting children creative. The children have produced some wonderful pieces of art with the specialist help of art-K putting their own ideas and influences into them. Well done!     

Relton Marine

We were delighted to know Art-K use our paintings to inspire children and the results we saw were fantastic. The peacock paintings in particular are fabulous. We hope you continue to inspire lots more children to pick up a paintbrush in the future and get cracking. It's the best job there is!      

Jackie Morris

It's wonderful to see how Art-K work with young people to help them find their creative voice. I'm so glad that in some of this work they find my books to be useful creative tools, or catalysts for the imagination. I think it is so important in this world where children are often ignored that they are given opportunities to express themselves and discover the talents that lie within all of us.