Adult Art Classes

Art is everywhere on our planet: every object, item of clothing or building. 

With passionate art teachers and inspiring studios, art-K is on a mission to bring creativity, imagination and artistic skills to people’s lives.

The art teachers who run the art classes spark individuality and new ideas by working with students on a one-to-one basis. The aim is to turn your artistic desires into reality.

All materials are included in the class price – there are no extra hidden costs.

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Sustainable Studios
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Daytime and Evening Classes
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Personalised Artistic Journey
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An Artistic Learning Community

Our classes provide a creative haven in an otherwise busy week. Somewhere to relax, socialise and create beautiful, unique pieces of artwork.

How are our art classes different?

Group art classes are a great place to make friends, relieve stress and boost confidence in the studio and beyond; research has shown the positive effects art has on general well-being.

Our classes are designed for individuals of all abilities: whether you’ve never picked up a paintbrush before in your life or whether you’re an aspiring Monet!

We create a calm, open-minded environment and run the sessions slightly differently to other art courses; we give you the power of choice. Before each student starts, we find out what they’re looking to learn, which enables us to design their personalised programme.

Community building art classes

Art of the month


As a company, our culture is one of continuous learning and this is what we pass onto our students. The techniques, mediums and artists we teach are wide and varied.

We teach each medium by starting with basic techniques, building confidence in your abilities. For example, with acrylic paint, we would start by developing blending and textural skills, using gel medium to help. Techniques such as perspective, portraiture and blending are woven into projects. We use sketchbooks to practice techniques before moving onto the final piece. 

Mediums explored include: acrylic paints, charcoal, clay, graphite, inks, lino printing, mixed media, oil paints, pastels, watercolours.