We inspire children aged 6-16 to develop artistically by immersing them in our art-K programme, which integrates core visual skills.

Each child follows their own individual programme, which is curated based on their age.

Interaction and individual feedback

With high teacher to pupil ratios, we’re able to tutor children on an individual basis to help them to continually develop their art skills.

With every child on their own project, and going at their own pace, the studio is a place where every child can express themselves without comparing their artwork to their peers.  

Our programme alternates between 2D and 3D projects to enable students to develop a wide range of skills and knowledge. Projects include influences and studies of different artists’ styles which leads to discussions, analysis and new ideas!

Wellbeing and self-expression

By practicing art, the reward pathway in our brain is activated. This essentially means our brain tells our body ‘I enjoy this activity, please do it again!’ At the same time, the prefrontal cortex makes us focus. That’s why people often enjoy a sense of focus, calm and wellbeing whilst practising art. 

By focusing on our projects and programme, students create unique pieces of artwork that are celebrated. By encouraging independence and originality, children start to feel more confident and self-assured in their art practice and can approach problems calmly. Every decision they make – whether it’s on composition, design or medium – reinforces their confidence. 

Find your local art-K club and become a member today! 

Art of the month

Membership Perks

These include badges, programme certificates, access to competitions and events through art-K’s network, participation in art-K’s national events, regular exhibitions of your artwork and much more! 

Please note all staff are DBS checked, trained on child safeguarding and health and safety. If you would like to see our child safeguarding policy please contact your closest branch.