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art-K for Children


  • art-K provides art classes in a safe artistic space where children have time to do long-term art projects related to their age. Each child is taught representational art individually from age 6 up to GCSE year.
  • The art school uses watercolours, acrylics, pastels and oils to teach painting and drawing skills, combined with 3D craft projects involving clay and papier mâché to deliver an in-depth art education.
  • Art tutors at art-K build children’s confidence and self-esteem, which has a positive effect on their academia and general well-being.
  • The art lessons help students studying GCSE with perspective, portrait drawing and art techniques which builds up their sketchbooks to create structured, well-formed coursework.





Amelia joined Art-K as she absolutely loves art she has been looking for a while for a club which was aimed for her age group-  Amelia is 14 years of age  There were only clubs aimed at younger children messy play etc... or adult classes. She is thoroughly enjoying learning new techniques that will help her so much with her art GCSE at school.


I started art-K club at 8 years old and I’m now taking my art GCSE. After being with the art club for a number of years I have been taught many skills and techniques which have helped me with my GCSE. It has helped me to expand my love for art!


I started art-K club when I was 7 years old and I continued until I was 16. I then became an art assistant which I really enjoy and look forward to each week. art-K club was brilliant at helping me develop my artistic skills. I was given the opportunity to complete a variety of projects from canvas painting to papier mache sculptures to wire mirrors, and many more. I was always provided with exciting new ideas to help me with my GCSE projects.


My daughters both absolutely love coming to art club and it was been amazing to see them develop their creative talents and produce some wonderful pieces. Unlike school art, at art club they can experiment, take risks and really learn about different ways of doing things including drawing styles, painting with a variety of materials, produce 3D pieces, posters and even shoes! My eldest daughter has developed confidence in her own ability which has even been recognised at her school.


I have an art background myself so it was really important for me to find extra art lessons. My girls have just loved the art classes enjoying everything from collage, drawing, painting and decoupage. The projects they have worked on have been so creative I wish I’d had the opportunity at such an early age to explore so many media. I would highly recommend Kathryn’s classes to anyone.


It’s hard to believe that she has been coming to art club now for almost two years! Sadly she will finish her year at art club because she will be taking her GCSE in the summer. Many thanks for all your guidance and support and amazing knowledge and expertise. She has so enjoyed it and has learned so much.

Picasso spent years copying other people’s work before reaching his own expressive style. We follow the same principle; the combination of copying and creating is the way art-K teaches children to learn and self-develop. We also discuss, and take inspiration from, a wide range of contemporary artwork, such as Bridget Wilkinson’s narrative coastal scenes or Ann Blockley’s watercolour techniques.

In the older years, children start to learn on their own with less direction and more discussion. Children are empowered to teach themselves and take their own decisions. It is exciting and rewarding seeing their independence grow and with it, their self-esteem and confidence.

All materials are provided in the classes.

Our Founder’s Story

Kathryn Harper

I have 17 years of experience running art classes for children. Having trained as a speech and language therapist, I combined my passion for art and specialism in child development to create projects that are both stretching and rewarding.

Now my art club has been running at full capacity (140 kids a week) for over 6 years with over 40 children on the waiting list. Its reputation is outstanding and I couldn’t list here the number of art scholarships and awards my kids have won! I’m bursting with pride when the students progress to GCSE, A level and even degree-level.

With 8 clubs now running across England, I am excited that every year more children will have an artistic education that will develop key creative skills.

Kathryn Harper Founder and Creative Director of art-K

Artist Advocates

Bridget Wilkinson

When Kathryn got in touch to ask if the children could use my artwork for inspiration I was more than delighted.  With art often being squeezed out of the curriculum its even more important to find alternative ways of getting children creative. The children have produced some wonderful pieces of art with the specialist help of art-K putting their own ideas and influences into them. Well done!     

Relton Marine

We were delighted to know Art-K use our paintings to inspire children and the results we saw were fantastic. The peacock paintings in particular are fabulous. We hope you continue to inspire lots more children to pick up a paintbrush in the future and get cracking. It's the best job there is!      

Jackie Morris

It's wonderful to see how Art-K work with young people to help them find their creative voice. I'm so glad that in some of this work they find my books to be useful creative tools, or catalysts for the imagination. I think it is so important in this world where children are often ignored that they are given opportunities to express themselves and discover the talents that lie within all of us.