With so many changes and uncertainty this segment that art-K filmed with ITV is an interesting insight into how art-K students were feeling in anticipation of returning to school. We’re almost a month after the filming and opinions may have changed, children may already feel differently about school. The routine is a positive but some children have already been sent back home if someone in the year has tested positive for covid. This is a necessary step to protect everyone, but this also brings with it further uncertainty for kids. Crucial to all this is stability, and what our students shared on the filming day was beautiful. They felt like doing art, in any format, kept them engaged and motivated during lockdown, giving a centre-point that they could rely on and relax with ๐ŸŽจ

Art can be there for every one of us, as a source of comfort, relaxation and a way to express our feelings in this turning point in our lives๐Ÿ–Œ

We are looking to engage more with communities and those at home, so if you have any ideas which you think could be beneficial to you and others please comment below ๐Ÿค”