Over the third lockdown this year, 412 children gathered together (remotely!) to collaborate on a group art piece at art-K. With so much of our students’ learning digitalised while schools and our art studios were closed, we wanted to explore a tactile medium together – and came up with the idea of a group sculpture made from clay, which would also give us a sense of collective purpose and belonging.

Our students crafted individual clay pieces of artwork that we merged into this one final piece, Class of 412 – each individual square on the image is a 15x 15cm clay tile. We had monsters destroying boats in the ocean, floating Chinese lanterns and (one that really cracked us up) a minimalist pea placed in the centre of a white square.

It was beautiful seeing every child’s originality come through and how concentrated they were, completely absorbed in their project. Through the isolation these last few months, they found a way to be together and we couldn’t be prouder of the results!

Class of 412, 2021 - a collaborative piece made up of artworks by 412 art-K students aged 6-16

You can also see a selection of our students’ individual tiles close up, on our Student Gallery page!