When sitting down with children and trying to do an activity they can sometimes easily get distracted! Their minds are so creative and trying to absorb everything that they can, that the slightest thing can interest them.

If you’re finding that your child isn’t engaging with these art projects (or any art projects) what can you do?

There may be a number of reasons they’re not focusing:

  • Other things are going on in the background
  • They’re unsure what they’re meant to be doing
  • It looks too difficult (or too easy!)

If you sit next to them whilst doing the activity and do it alongside it will engage them in it. If you also talk to them whilst they’re doing it and describe the shape in a fun story-like way, they are much more likely to find it exciting.

For example this shape could be described as a wiggle:

Or you could say, whilst you’re drawing it, something like: “we’re going up the roller-coaster and then go down it picking up loads of speed, weeeeee”.

When doing for example a ‘dot-to-dot’ make up a story around the character or scene that you’re drawing. If it’s a vase of flowers for example, who gave them the flowers? What do they smell like? What colour are they? Did they like the flowers?

If you’re talking as you’re drawing you’re engaging with both the auditory and visual senses together which is a really good way to engage your child in what you’re doing.


K x