All art leaders are trained by an external consultant on managing behaviour of children both with and without diagnoses, to create an inclusive environment where they can reasonably adapt to each child who wants to learn art. There are many students that come from all sorts of backgrounds and they are all treated equally. 

There are three behaviours of concern:- 

1) Poor physical behaviour is not tolerated. Examples can include but not limited to flicking paint, throwing items, pulling hair, tripping other students or teachers, kicking, threatening physically any other student or member of staff, etc. These physical behaviours and any similar behaviours not mentioned, will or can result in termination of the contract to provide art lessons. 

2) art-K is creating an atmosphere of learning and everyone is expected to contribute positively to that atmosphere for the enjoyment of everyone. Not following the advice or guidance of the art leader and showing them disrespect in front of other students can result in non-admittance to the art club. 

3) Children need to respect the equipment and classroom. Taking care of equipment such as brushes and pencils, desks and chairs, and walls. 

Unacceptable behaviour of any kind is the judgement of the art leader, and they exercise their judgement for the benefit of everyone equally. We expect art leaders to have discussed issues such as the above with the parent or guardian who is expected to have listened and taken any concerns seriously. A further trial is not guaranteed but with support, the art leaders may accept another attempt to settle.

If or when a service contract is cancelled or terminated by us, any remaining unused service will be refunded. 

The style of teaching at art-K is common across all branches and it is recognised this style does not suit all students. Students not wanting to follow the teaching programme become unhappy. If problems persist, for whatever reason, we will terminate the service at our discretion.