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Where Creativity Meets 


We're thrilled that you're considering us to host your upcoming party.
Our children's birthday parties combine art and festivity in a safe and inspiring space.

Trained Party Leaders

Our teachers are on site to create a warm and welcoming experience.

Fun for All Ages


Tailor parties to any age range for personalised party experiences.

Create, Learn & Cherish

The heart of art-K is learning new techniques; everyone will take home their own unique creation.

Crafting Memories


Let us create unforgettable memories for the special birthday person!

What We Offer

Exclusive use of one of our colourful studios, expertise from an experienced workshop leader, a choice of fun projects and a range of high quality art materials. From clay to canvases, pastels to paints – it’s all included! 

*Suitable for children turning 6+

How It Works

You will have the art studio for 2 hours and 45 minutes. Here is the breakdown:

Setup: You can dress our space with any decorations you’d like; balloons, banners, bunting… bananas? The options are limitless!

~2 hours for art activity: You will receive our brochure of Party Projects ahead of time and choose the art project for the day. One of our amazing art teachers will lead the children in their activity.

A break for singing and refreshments: While artworks finish drying, your guests  can enjoy any yummy treats you’ve brought. Cake o’clock! 

Clean up: Please remove all decorations and return the studio to how you found it.

Times & Prices

These will vary in each studio, but here’s a rough guide:

Monday-Friday: before 3pm

Saturdays: after 4pm

Sundays: after 12pm

Monday-Friday: after 4pm

Saturdays & Sundays: all day

£30-40 per child depending on location

Pricing starts with minimum 10 children, with an additional cost per child

A full breakdown will be given upon enquiry.

Booking Enquiries

Simply fill in the form below and one of the art-K team will be in contact to organise your event with you.

Please Note: Only children turning 6+

Party FAQ

Why do I need to pay a deposit before it is confirmed?
Once a deposit is paid, it enables us to secure and confirm the resources required for your party. Currently, we allocate a week to finalise these arrangements, after which the party date is secured, and you may begin inviting guests. Following confirmation, we work with you to determine individual preferences, project selection, and the desired order of activities for the party. We remain committed to our process to ensure that you receive the best possible party experience. 😊

Can I have a party for less than 10 children?
We’re happy to facilitate a party for any number of children (up to max capacity). The minimum payment caters for any number up to 10 children.

Are aprons provided?
No. As with all activities involving paint, kindly dress appropriately as disposable aprons are not provided. While a great deal of care will be taken, we can’t guarantee that paint will not accidentally come into contact with clothing.

Can I use childcare vouchers?
For our parties, we do not accept childcare vouchers. We have made this decision because legally, childcare vouchers are intended for the care of the parent’s own child, and since a party involves other children as well, we cannot accept them. Additionally, we require that two parents or adults attend the parties to ensure joint care alongside us. If your childcare voucher scheme does not specify these requirements, please provide evidence so we can reconsider our policy.

Can someone under 6 years old attend?
The birthday child must be turning at least 6 and all their guests must be in year 1 at school (5/6 years old minimum) with the exception of younger siblings. They will be counted as taking a space if partaking in activities; please give them lots of help and support so our teachers can focus on the big kids.

Can we have a longer break?
You can use some of the 10 minutes set up time for the break instead and start the activity on the dot. For example, 5 minutes set up and then have a 25 minute break.

Can I see a party plan example?
4.00 – You arrive & set up
4.10 – Your guests arrive
4:20 – The main party art activity starts
6:20 – Time for cake & snacks.
6:35 – Say goodbye to guests (clear up starts)
6:45 – Home time for you too! (or when clear up is finished)