We believe everyone should have the opportunity to access art education. 

Join us in fulfilling our mission.

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The Problem

The Arts is a large part of our British culture and it is something we pride ourselves on: theatre, design, museums and galleries. But how will we continue to be a significant contributor to the arts, if we’re not teaching our children the building blocks for creativity. To think and learn differently, to challenge perceptions and to dream.

These skills can be taught through art, but art is consistently being squeezed out of the curriculum in school; the national curriculum objective in art is to teach children to be ‘proficient at drawing’. What does that mean?

We’ve seen a staggering drop in the number of hours art is taught in schools by 16% from 2010 to 2017. This has been replaced by an increase in hours for subjects such as history and geography (21 – 25%). This is a systemic problem that has already spanned 20 years and there’s no indication it’s going to change.

The Solution

From extensive research and testing over the past 20 years, art-K has created the art-K teaching method. This approach teaches personalised programmes in a nurturing environment, centred around the 4 core visual skills:

Visual perception– perceiving details and patterns within the natural environment.
Visual memory – the ability to draw realistically from the mind.
Fine motor control – increasing dexterity and the ability to manipulate materials.
Spatial awareness – modelling and understanding proportion and perspective.

By understanding these, how children develop, what they’re interested in and what they’re able to achieve, we are able to create a personalised programme for each individual student and give them the building blocks for creativity, independent thinking and self-confidence. Our goal is to create fierce artists ready for any challenge. 

  • I started my franchise art-K Ewell almost 3 years ago. Since then, the club has been hugely successful; it has grown at a speedy pace, which was beyond my expectations! I am proud to say that my club has now been full for a year, with children constantly being added to the waiting list.

    I wake up every morning feeling focused and enthusiastic, knowing that my art classes make a huge difference to the lives of the children I teach.


    art-K Ewell
  • Having taught in a secondary schools for 6 years, I was looking online for a change in direction in Art. I wanted to teach children, but in a smaller and more nurturing environment. Also, I have a little boy and re-gaining a work-life balance was a big priority for me and my family. I have been overwhelmed by the time, support and reassurance of both Emily and Kathryn. Emily has been exemplary in her guidance, steering me through any obstacles that came my way! Kathryn has provided me with the training, ensuring that I am confident in delivering art-K’s creative and inspiring art projects.


    art-K Worthing
  • Since completing my Masters degree in fine art at Falmouth University I have continued to explore painting as my main studio practice. I have spent a year as a teaching assistant at a Truro secondary school and whilst there I discovered art-K which is a fantastic blend of creativity and quality teaching methods and projects. I am so impressed with the quality of the art projects and knew I had made the right decision as soon as I saw the art-K program. It is an amazing structure that can be shared with children and adults, to experienced artists and to those who have little or no experience.


  • Kathryn and Emily have been extremely helpful and supportive in starting up my art-K franchise; training me in-depth and giving me confidence on my teaching skills as well as assisting me in finding and negotiating terms on our commercial premises, marketing and completion of all financial and legal documents. Having a future career doing exactly what I love is only something others can dream about, so I want to share how ecstatic I am to have found such an amazing business, which has changed my outlook on life.


  • art-K has made my dreams a reality. Since my transfer from a corporate job, I am still pinching myself; I can’t believe this is my job. The level of support and expertise offered by the Franchise enabled me to work through my anxieties of starting a business. I am truly privileged, and every day inspired by my students. Thank you art-K.


    art-K Worplesdon
  • Since opening my franchise in Bristol I have built a business that I am proud of. Working with my students is rewarding and inspiring. I now have a great work life balance that’s stable and enriching. Running my own franchise gives me the freedom I had in my previous freelance career with the added support of a team behind me to advise and encourage what I am doing.


    art-K Southville
  • I left my job as a Primary School Teacher 2 years ago, as I felt the curriculum was becoming more and more restrictive and exclusive; those whose talents laid outside of English and Maths were being marginalised.


    When I came across the art-K website, the ethos immediately struck me as something I aligned with strongly. Kathryn, Emily and David have been so supportive. They’ve provided me with a wealth of advice in every area of the business, which has helped me to hit the ground running.


    art-K Horsforth

We believe everyone should enjoy their job and work environment.  

No marking, no Ofsted, no pre-set criteria to meet. 

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Joining art-K enables you to:

  • Replicate a business model, established since 2000, which provides financial independence.
  • Work in a fun, club environment where children are enthusiastic about art. Adult sessions can be run in addition to the children’s, as a second revenue stream.
  • Join a strong support network of like-minded artists and teachers, with termly meetings to share thoughts and experiences.
  • Face-to-face training is provided on all art projects as well as regular conversations.
  • Undergo extensive training on marketing from Emily, to understand how to engage with your target market efficiently and effectively.
  • Receive ongoing support– whenever required- from the management team.
  • Have your own studio space, which you can use to develop your artistic practice alongside teaching.
  • Offer creative contributions to the art-K programme by liaising with Kathryn on new ideas.

The Franchise Package:

  • In depth training on the programme and art-K teaching methods.
  • Marketing and business training. 
  • Exclusive territory from which no other art-K club can operate.
  • Discounted, high-quality art-K branded materials.
  • Centralised, automated booking systems.
  • HR and H&S training and support.
  • Assistance finding a location and setting up your studio
  • Start-up materials package.
  • Termly franchise gatherings.

Is art-K for you?

We are looking for Franchisees from a wide range of backgrounds, ask yourself:

  • Do you have an art degree?
  • Are you passionate about working with children?
  • Do you want to learn and embody art-K’s ideals and methods?
  • Are you ambitious and looking for a change in career, with unlimited earning potential?
  • Do you want to be part of a national network that employs 100+ artists,  focussed on delivering a high-quality artistic education to its pupils?

For further information have a look at our Facebook page for videos answering FAQs from our franchisees. 

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