children with adhd/add can flourish with art

Children with ADHD/ADD can have a hard time remaining focused

It can be a true challenge for a child with ADHD/ADD to be able to engage in an activity that can be sustained long-term. Building self-esteem is a great tool to help keep them engaged. In addition to this with practice and mastering an artistic task, a child can build confidence and be able to produce art long-term.

A great way to keep children with ADHD/ADD engaged is to provide a balance between creativity and structure. Moreover, focusing on one artistic medium at a time can limit over-stimulation. The structure of a class environment with scheduled breaks encourages productivity and refinement of technique. 

Charlie’s Story

Last month, we received this truly heart-warming email from Julie that represents art-K’s ethos in supporting all children. Julie’s son Charlie has ADD and in her email commends our brilliant art-K teacher Jake from our Horsham branch. Julie mentions how patient and wonderful Jake has been with Charlie and how beneficial she found the art-K sessions to help nurture Charlie’s artistic abilities; 

“Good afternoon

My son Charlie has been attending one of your Art classes at your Horsham branch for the last year with Jake.

I felt compelled to email you as the support Charlie has received from Jake has been outstanding. Charlie has ADD, and so often finds it very difficult to concentrate, follow instruction and is extremely self-critical. He struggles to see things through and often wants to give up halfway through.

I have struggled to find after-school clubs where he feels comfortable and can pursue his interests with ease. He needs a teacher with plenty of patience, understanding and the ability to encourage, support and nurture.

Jake has these qualities in abundance. He has managed to encourage Charlie to finish pieces of art that he would have otherwise given up on. He knows exactly how to support him and always gets the best out of him. Charlie really looks up to Jake and we feel he is an ideal role model for him. This could have easily been another after school Club that wasn’t successful and we would have parted ways after a term.

I am sending this email in the hope that it reaches the right person and Jake gets the praise and commendation he deserves.


At art-K we offer your child a personalized art program that encourages them to learn and achieve at their own pace. We are always truly touched when we receive feedback, like this email from Julie, as it remains a key motivator for us.  

We understand that every child has different learning methods that can benefit from one-to-one attention and with high teacher to pupil ratios, we’re able to tutor children on an individual basis to help them consistently develop their art skills and refine their technique. 

Share with us!

art-K aims to provide every child with a wide range of creative skills and knowledge. We truly value your feedback as we are committed to providing an immersive art programme. ‘If you have a story to share about how your child’s art lessons have helped them grow, we’d love to hear it! Tell us here.

Above; featuring some of the wonderful artwork produced in our children’s classes!