Contact Info
  • The Carshalton studio is run by a visual storyteller Thea. As the daughter of an artist, she has had the chance to learn how to make art all her life and loves sharing this knowledge with others.
  • Address:144 Stanley Park Road, Carshalton, SM5 3JG
  • Phone:07552 714470

Childcare Vouchers

Please book on Class4Kids by following the ‘Children’s Classes’ link above. After booking, make the transfer from your Childcare Platform and email to confirm you have done so.

Please do not pay on booking if you intend to use Childcare Vouchers – we are unable to offer refunds.

Our Ofsted Setting Reference number is: 2618783

Current voucher schemes we accept:

  • Eden Red – search Carer Account P21293943
  • Care-4 – search us by postcode (SM5 3JG)
  • Government/Childcare Choices – search us by postcode, and email us telling your unique payment reference number
  • Computer Share – account number: 0026674919
  • Sodexo – Carer ID: 910133

If you are registered to another scheme not listed here, please get in touch at