This is just a brief snippet into how children’s knowledge of colour progresses. Every child is unique and they develop in their own way, so please don’t worry if your child isn’t quite at their age-level.

We have art activities to develop colour knowledge so please use this as a resource.

Learning colours serves many purposes, most importantly it teaches children to look and see. If they start noticing the colours in everyday objects it brings joy to their lives when looking at the environment around them.

3 year old

At this age, a child can usually match two or three primary colours. This is normally red and yellow- they can get a little confused with blue and green.

They may be able to match other colours but this can be a little sporadic. If they know one colour then start introducing them one-by-one to other colours. Look at our art activities for 3 year olds to understand the best way to do this.

4 year old

A 4 year old typically can match and name four colours correctly. These will usually be red, yellow, blue and green. If your child can’t please don’t worry! Just have a look at our exercises for learning colours.

The best thing is to start from the very beginning, so have a look at the art activities for 3 year olds and work your way up. We are looking to build your child’s knowledge and confidence so starting from what they know is the best way to progress.

5 year old

Typically, a 5 year old can name four colours (red, yellow, green and blue) and can match 10-12.

Again, keep it simple and start from the basics to consolidate their knowledge. If your child knows a couple of colours but gets confused with others then start with the 3 year olds activities and work upwards.

I hope that helps. If you have any questions please ask- we’re happy to provide help and guidance!