What are you doing to make the classes COVID safe?

The safety of your child is extremely important. We want all students attending art-K to feel safe in this environment. In order to do so, please be aware of our rules:

  • We will be using a non-contact thermometer as students enter to determine that everyone’s temperature is within normal bounds. We will not permit students with a fever to enter the studio (NHS determines a fever is above 37.8 degrees) or those with a cough or other covid symptoms.
  • A cough is only tolerated if a recent negative covid test has been delivered and presented (at the teacher’s discretion). Tolerated symptoms (with no other covid-related symptoms) are runny noses and sore throats. Students with a runny nose must follow the protocol of ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’!
  • All students must wash their hands upon entry.
  • Please send students with (or come with for adult students) their own bottle of water as we are not using our community cups at this time. No food can be eaten inside.
  • Please ensure you/your child uses the toilet at home before the session. Our toilet will only be available in emergency situations.
  • We have perspex screens up on each table so each student has their own individual bubble to work from.
  • All paintbrushes, pencils, rubbers, palettes, screens, tables (etc…) are washed between uses. Nothing a student touches will then be used by the next student, to prevent contamination.
  • Parents are not allowed to enter the studio for children’s classes.
  • Children aged 12+ and adults are asked to wear a mask unless exempt.

In the current lockdown (Nov 2020) we are unable to teach adults in the studio.

For more information, you can find our full risk assessment on each individual studio page. Simply type in your address here, find the closest branch and click on the link on that studio’s page.

What ages do you teach?

We teach children from ages 6-16 and adults.We follow a set programme that has been created for our students to learn to use different art media (acrylics, clay, inks, papier-mache, etc) and develop specific skills, all with child development in mind. Most projects have room for the kids to personalise what they’re doing, and in addition to the main projects the have starter activities to help develop drawing and visual perceptual skills. 

You have 6-16 year olds all in the same class? Does everyone work on the same project at the same time?

The classes are all mixed ages 6-16, but as each student is doing their own project specific to their age/ability, there is no conflict with the variety of ages. It’s actually fun as the younger kids get inspired about what they will be doing later on and the older children are praised. Our art programme has been curated for 20 years by our creative director; the projects alternate between 2D and 3D and all tackle different mediums and introduce the children to new artists and styles. We have a 7:1 teacher : student ratio so we always walk around the class giving individual tutoring to each child within a session. 

Do we need to bring anything? Are materials provided? What should they wear?

All art materials are included in our art sessions! We encourage students to bring their own bottles of water and to wear clothes they don’t mind getting paint on. Students will frequently be working with acrylic paint, which doesn’t wash out, so please provide clothing you feel is appropriate! 

What happens in a trial?  

For children’s classes:

art-K’s trials sessions are an opportunity for your child to meet the art leader and get a feel for how we run our classes! Trial sessions are best booked in the weekly lesson you would intend your child to join long-term. Your child will be given an age-appropriate starter activity, usually drawing-based, before moving onto a painting-based main project. The other students will be following the same lesson structure, so your child will feel like part of the studio class from the very beginning. If your child is in primary school they will also have the option to join in an arty break-time game two-thirds of the way through the lesson.

For adult classes:

Similarly, in our adult trial classes we want to give a flavour of what you can learn and develop if you were to continue learning with us. We typically do a starter exercise before moving onto a technique-based activity in preparation for a more long-term project like a canvas painting. We will contact you before the class to find out what you’re interested in and personalise the class to you.

If you’re looking for more of a one-off session, it’s better to book a ‘drop-in’ class. This is a 2-hour workshop session where you’ll go home with a finished piece.

Why aren’t trials free?

By paying for you or your child’s seat in a class we can be sure of numbers and be best prepared for each lesson! The price of a trial session covers the cost of the staff, equipment and materials used during your child’s lesson. 

Will my spot be reserved for the term if I book a trial in case I want to join?

When booking a children’s art class trial with art-K, the space is held for you in that session for the term, giving you time to figure out whether you wish to continue with classes. If we haven’t had confirmation of your decision by the time that the next session in your chosen time slot begins, we will free up the space for other trials and bookings as we have limited capacity. 

For adults, trial classes are one-off bookings therefore your space is only reserved when you book a block booking. On making a block booking, the teacher will contact you and write down the dates you want to attend, subject to availability. 

Can my child pick their own projects/do their own drawings?

We have a programme of projects that have been developed over the past 20 years by our creative director. Each is designed to help develop your child’s artistic, perceptual, motor and visual skills which can feed back into the art that your child creates at home. We believe that it is fundamental that a structure is in place for children’s artistic growth). We see the classes as a chance for children to create artworks that they might not achieve without our expert guidance, materials and studio space.  

Can I pay weekly/monthly?

For children:

The projects are long-term and we reserve your seat for the term, so to offer the lowest cost to everyone, and for continuity, children have to be signed up for the entire term. Under exceptional circumstances, please contact the art leader to discuss a payment plan option.

For adults:
There are a variety of booking options for adults. In some branches, we operate the same booking feature as children, whereby students have to book for the whole term. Others have block booking options, but the more you book the cheaper it is. In all branches if you were to book for a term this would equate to booking a block of 12 (which is the lowest cost per class).

Can you help with art scholarships and GCSE portfolios?
Yes, we would be very happy to support your child in creating their portfolio for either a scholarship or GCSE. If you have any information from the school or exam board about the portfolio requirements, our art teachers would be happy to discuss them with you and your child and subsequently tailor their programme to support that objective.

Can my child with SEN come? My child has a SEN helper; can they come

along to help?

We always do our best to accommodate everyone at art-K, as long as your child feels comfortable and focused in a group environment we are happy to offer them a trial. Our art leaders are available to discuss your children’s individual needs and how we can best accommodate for them. We are not always able to offer a spot for an SEN helper to attend with a child, as space is limited in our studios. However, if we have a smaller class where we think it will work we will discuss this with you on an individual basis.

Can I stay with my child?

At the moment, we are not allowing parents in our studios due to our Covid-19 safety procedures. You are welcome to stand by the window to make sure your child is settled and happy in class for the first few minutes of the session.

Can I pay by bank transfer?

Payments can be made online through our booking system, due to accounting reasons we can’t accept bank transfers.

What happens in the event of a second lockdown?

In the current lockdown (Nov 2020), childcare and education establishments are permitted to continue to operate. This is in support of children’s education and providing stability in an otherwise fluctuating society. art-K is committed to providing a safe and secure environment to continue to teach art to children, however must cease in-studio teaching of adults currently.  

If government decides to close all educational establishments, we will smoothly be transitioning to online learning! We have been teaching classes on zoom since May and still have many students learning remotely to this day.