GCSE Art Classes

Whether they’re in their first year of GCSE and just becoming familiar with their course or in their second year and looking for more inspiration, we offer classes with tailored guidance specific to helping your child with their Art GCSE.

If they have only just begun their course, we will work on projects that develop specific skills that students are expected to demonstrate, such as portraiture & perspective.

If they are further down the line, we work alongside their coursework, teaching them techniques and skills where necessary. 

moulding clay children's art classes

Art of the month

An example would be Lara, who came to our classes in her second year of GCSE. Lara was extremely passionate about art – portraiture specifically – but found that she was a little lost how to apply her interest to her GCSE topic ‘broken’. 

We discussed with Lara different possible routes, thinking through questions such as: 

  • What do you associate with the word ‘broken’? 
  • What situations could this relate to? 
  • What textures does ‘broken’ bring to mind’? 
  • How can this relate to mediums? 

Once Lara had answered these questions, we then discussed possible artists for Lara to look into further. Lara spent time researching and discovering what elements of those artists inspired her and why. She could then start to think about what she wanted to bring to her own piece of artwork. 

When Lara returned to her class the following week, she wanted to discuss and practice these techniques that she had researched. She had the resources in our studio to experiment with lino printing, layering materials to create texture, watercolour techniques using cling film and salt and oil painting. Through experimentation she started to build up a sketchbook showing her work and develop as an artist. 

This is just one example of how we approach GCSE students. If students come to us the year before GCSE or start with us in their first year, then we have a range of projects to guide them through. These will develop the skills needed for their GCSE, putting them in a great place for their coursework and exam.

For support and guidance through the GCSE years why not take a trial at one of our dedicated art studios?