art-K's GCSE manual

Designed to help students appease both their own inspiration and the requirements of the exam board

How does it help?

The contents of the manual essentially acts as a ‘walkthrough’ on how students should tackle a project in such a manner as to appease the marking points of the exam board. The manual contains support for all stages of the artistic journey, from mind maps and mood boards all the way to the final piece and project evaluation. This value is compounded by the many insights and inspirations that our professional artists have included within.

There is guidance for students on how to write about their art and that of other artists and advice on how best to structure ones sketchbooks and projects. In addition, there is a wealth of more practical and technique based artistic guidance.

What's inside?

The manual is compilation of research conducted by art-K when we were identifying how best to approach teaching GCSE students at our in-person studio classes. For this guidebook we have condensed the information into a digestible ‘stage by stage’ format so GCSE students at home may follow with ease.ย 

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