Join us this half term for our online half term workshops! 

Classes for 6-9 years are 1 hour and 15 minutes, classes for 9-11 years are 1 hour and 30 minutes. If you click on ‘info & booking’ you’ll see the schedule for the week. 

All morning classes are the same in each age in each medium e.g. all classes Monday morning for clay 6-9 years are Rocket Pots. So when booking multiple classes please bear this in mind. We have also repeated classes twice in a week. All classes are unique and are not repeats of our weekly sessions!

Each ‘no clay’ class lists the mediums we’re using. All can be completed with watercolours. 

Materials for Clay Classes

Nylon reinforced clay
Cocktail sticks
Plastic bag for the table
PVA glue
Water pot
Blunt butter knife

To paint afterwards: 
Acrylic paint

Materials for Draw/Paint Classes

Sketchbook Paper
Fine liner
Watercolour Palette
Acrylics for ‘Inside Out’ project only
Scissors for ‘Rousseau Landscape’