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For access to all projects (from 6 years through to Adults) plus 1 hour video call* with an art leader. Video calls within UK working hours 10am until 5pm, (GMT until March 28th, then GMT+1). art-K online is a way for us to stay connected, maintain mental wellbeing and grow artistically. We aim to create a global artistic community who use art as means to relax, learn and be inspired. Our teachers will paint along with you or your child. If this is for your child, we recommend a break after 45 minutes into a project. For 6 - 11 year old students, there are games that break up the videos into smaller chunks. For 11+ students and adults, we recommend putting on some relaxing music whilst you paint as it will enhance your experience and enjoyment. Tutoring will occur online and members will be placed with children or adults of a similar age. It will be an interactive hour where we will feedback, offer guidance and share ideas. It will be customised depending on participants' ages. We value all feedback, so please send your comments and questions to If you'd like to share your artwork on social media, please hashtag #artKonline and we can share your child's or your achievement with our artistic community! 

The price for membership is £40.00 per Month.

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