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 6 – 9 year old course

Queens, pelicans, coil pots, dragons, design and more.

£10 per month

9 – 11 year old course

Clay owls, illustrative monsters, underwater worlds, graffiti and more.

£10 per month

11 – 12 year old course

Fairytale landscapes, cubist still life, pomegranate papier mâché, mark making, perspective and more.

£10 per month

12 – 14 year old course

Sustainability rhino, portraits, waterbuck sculptures, tree collage, shading techniques, design and more.

£10 per month

Adult course

Floral watercolours, coffee landscapes, pet portraits, tone and perspective development, experimental watercolour techniques and more.

£10 per month

art-K Full Membership

Access to all courses: ages 6 to adult. 

£25 per month