Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work at art-K? Well, wonder no more! Join Shauna, our Art Club Leader at art-K Wandsworth, as she brings you a behind-the-scenes preview of a day working as an Art Club Leader with art-K.

From catching up with colleagues and leading art sessions, to taking some time out to create some art of your own, every day working at art-K is a little different from the next. There is a strong sense of community throughout the art-K team, and one thing that everyone has in common is a passion for children’s artistic development!

We asked Shauna how it feels to be a member of art-K: ’’I absolutely love working at art-K, It perfectly merges my two passions of working with children and being creative – I never thought a job like this existed! I love working here because I get to work alongside lots of other amazing and supportive Art-K teachers who are also artists like myself. I have also met lots of creative and enthusiastic children who absolutely love making art – being able to teach them new skills and see them grow as young artists every week is very rewarding and inspiring! Being an Art Leader is such a fun job and it allows you to be creative every single day.”

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